Starter motor will not run

The transmission is in neutral. Grasp the clutch lever. Turn on the ignition switch with the engine stop switch in the "RUN" position. Listen for a click from the starter relay when the starter button is pushed.


No click

Measure the starter relay voltage at the starter relay connectors (between B/Y © and B/W ©) when the starter button is pushed.

No Voltage-



Check the starter relay. ((TT 6-23)

Check if the starter motor runs when its terminal is connected to the battery © terminal (Do not use a thin "wire" because a large amount of current flows.)


Dose not run

Faulty starter motor ilty starter relay Loose or disconnected starter motor lead wire

Faulty ignition switch Faulty engine stop switch

Faulty clutch lever position switch

Faulty gear position switch ' Faulty turn signal/side-stand relay

Faulty starter button Poor contact of connector Open circuit in wire harness

Faulty starter relay

• Poor contact of the starter relay

The starter motor runs when the transmission is in neutral, but does not run when the transmission is in any position other than neutral, with the side-stand up.

Check the side-stand switch.

Engine does not turn though the starter motor runs.

Faulty side-stand switch

-+■ • Open circuit in wire harness • Poor contact of connector

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