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Bandit 600 Camshaft Timing

The exhaust camshaft has the embossed letters "EX" and the intake camshaft has the embossed letters "IN". Also, the right end of each camshaft has a notch

Banditt 600 Cam Timeing

When the "T" mark on the signal generator rotor is aligned with the center of the pickup coil, hold the camshaft steady and lightly pull up the cam chain to remove any slack between the crankshaft sprocket and the exhaust camshaft sprocket.

Yamaha Xjr Camshaft Sprocket

• The exhaust camshaft sprocket has an arrow marked "1" Turn the exhaust camshaft so that the arrow is aligned with the gasket surface of the cylinder head.

• Engage the cam chain with the exhaust camshaft sprocket.

• The other arrow marked "2" should now be pointing straight up. Starting from the roller pin @ that is directly above the arrow marked "2", count out 24 roller pins (from the exhaust camshaft side going towards the intake camshaft side). Engage the 24th roller pin ® on the cam chain with the arrow marked "3" on the intake sprocket. Refer to the following illustrations.


The cam chain should now be on all three sprockets. Be careful not to move the crankshaft until the camshaft journal holders and cam chain tensioner are secured.

Yamaha Warrior 350 Chain Roller

• Each camshaft journal holder is identified with an embossed letter. Install the dowel pins into each camshaft journal holder.

• Fasten the camshafts (IN and EX) evenly by tightening the camshaft journal holder bolts sequentially and in a crisscross pattern.


Damage to the cylinder head or camshaft journal holder thrust surfaces may result if the camshaft journal holders are not tightened evenly.

• Tighten the camshaft journal holder bolts to the specified torque. [5 Camshaft journal holder bolt: 10 N m (1.0 kgf-m, 7.0 Ib-ft)


The camshaft journal holder bolts are made of a special material and much superior in strength, compared with other types of high strength bolts.

Take special care not to use other types of bolts instead of these special bolts. To identify these bolts, each of them has a "9" on its head.


Gsf 600 Cam Chain


• After removing the spring holder bolt © and spring, unlock the ratchet mechanism ® and push the push rod <© all the way into the cam chain tensioner.


Before installing the cam chain tensioner, turn the crankshaft clockwise to remove any cam chain slack between the crankshaft sprocket and exhaust camshaft sprocket.

• Install a new gasket and the cam chain tensioner onto the cylinder block as shown.

• Tighten the cam chain tensioner bolts to the specified torque.

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