Suzuki Super Grease A


* Never reuse a circlip. After a circlip has been removed from a shaft, it should be discarded and a new circlip must be installed.

* When installing a new circlip, do not expand the end gap larger than required to slip the circlip over the shaft.

* After installing a circlip, make sure that it is completely seated in its groove and securely fitted.


When reassembling the transmission, attention must be given to the locations and positions of washers and circlips. The cross sectional view shows the correct position of the gears, bushings, washers and circlips. (CT5" 3-77)

• When installing a new circlip, pay attention to the direction of the circlip. Fit the circlip to the side where the thrust is, as shown. The rounded side should be against the gear surface. ® Thrust (D Sharp edge


When installing the 3rd and 4th driven gear bushings onto the driveshaft, align the driveshaft oil hole © with the bushing oil hole (2).

Suzuki Super Grease

• After installing the 3rd driven gear onto the driveshaft, install lock washer #2 (3) onto the driveshaft, and position it so it fits into the groove.

• Then, fit lock washer #1 ® into lock washer #2

A CAUTION Install the oil seal as shown in the illustration.

© Left end bearing @ Oil seal (D 2nd drive gear ® Countershaft






< \


1st (low) driven gear 5th driven gear 4th driven gear 3rd driven gear 6th (top) driven gear 2nd driven gear Driveshaft

Countershaft/1 st (low) drive gear

5th drive gear

3rd/4th drive gear

6th (top) drive gear

2nd drive gear

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