Wheel Bearings

Inspect the play of the wheel bearings by hand while they are in the wheel. Rotate the inner race by hand to inspect it for abnormal noise and smooth rotation.

Replace the wheel bearings if there is anything unusual. Remove the wheel bearings as follows:

• Remove the bearing using the special tool. froSh 09921-20220: Bearing remover set ¿^CAUTION"

* The removed bearings should be replaced with new ones.

* Do not stress the brake discs by using wooden block under the wheel.


Measure the front axle runout using the dial gauge.

If the runout exceeds the service limit, replace the front axle.

Ito5l1 09900-20606: Dial gauge (1/100 mm) 09900-20701: Magnetic stand 09900-21304: V-block set (100 mm)

Wheel axle runout

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