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As impressive as the CBR1 OOORR C-ABS is around a racetrack, riding it in the company of these exotic Euro bikes really drives home just what an incredible piece of engineering this motorcycle is.

It turns lap times roughly comparable to the best of them, but it's as civilized, user-friendly and quiet as a Civic when you want it to be. An apartment dweller in a building full of angry women with cats could ride it to work the night

shift with no complaints from the cats. The seat's fine even two-up, controls and levers fall readily (and silkily) to hand, nobody complains about the ergonomic layout, the engine runs buttery-smooth all the way up to where it makes 155 horsepower, with a strong clutch and monster midrange that make it dragstrip-junkie Canet's darling. The gearbox works perfectly, the mirrors are clear, parts are available everywhere...and guys who've been to art school even admire the CBR's design. Then there's the advanced ABS—a thing we all love when it's wet, chilly and downhill—not to mention a headlight worthy of a Newport Beach PD helicopter when it's also dark. There's nothing not to like. It's no DN-01, of course, but... Overall, it's a shame the CBR's quiet competence makes it somewhat boring. It finishes dead last in Chief Statistician Conner's "Riding Excitement" category. Cernicky says he'll bring his own damn excitement.

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