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in 1997, it also won CWs 16-bike "Sweet 16" Open-Class sportbike shootout that same year. It wasn't a serious threat on the racetrack, but as many riders of repli-racer sportblkes of that era could attest, trying to catch one on a twisty backroad was a genuine eye-opener. On top of all that, the Super Hawk was a sportbike you could ride all day without needing a six-pack of ibuprofen and a weekly appointment with your chiropractor. From the 2001 Ten Best story: "Honda's designers aimed the VTR at sporting street riders, not roadracers, and its 'tuned chassis,' perfectly calibrated suspension and spot-on carburetion show they scored a direct hit." Useful resources: You can learn a lot about the Super Hawk (called the Firestorm outside the U.S.) on the Internet. You'll find quite a few for sale, along with numerous forums, some technical Q&A posts, lots of sites selling VTR parts and accessories, and a surprising number of photos of cool, clever VTR1000F-based customs.

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