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Regarding the icon ad in the latest issue—first let me say that I don't hold you 100 percent responsible for this ad—but maybe more like 10 percent. This ad promotes crime far better than it promotes safety apparel. I think there is a new coarseness in our country. I don't think there has been such a hateful attitude nationwide, not even during Vietnam (which I remember vividly).

As it stands now, they just hire ad people to target the human trash of our culture as if that is a valid life choice for all. It s ugly, immoral, disgusting to behold, but Icon seems to think there lies the keys to their future prosperity. I say it just adds to the decay of civility and contributes to the overall decline in human quality in the U.S. (and by extension, the world). Do you ever consider why we Americans are held in low regard by much of the rest of the world?

Clue: It's not George Bush's fault. The Slabtown campaign is one very small example of the reason. Along with "Two and a Half Men," the rap "music" culture and the trash exported worldwide in the porn and movie industries—all examples of American immorality and deca dence. Many are moved to counter our influence on their societies with terrorist tactics.

I hope it is an idea that has been kicking around in your editorial meetings. James Shaw College Place, Washington

We're with you, James, but you have to look at the bright side. We '11 all be dead soon. Seriously, we have been thinking about it: We have a proposal in the works for a CW project in conjunction with MTV: Spring Break Kabul. We think sharing the better parts of American culture—motorcycles, American-style music and dance and refreshments/libations—could go a long way toward healing international relations.

Please cancel my subscription. Your May issue is totally depressing, from

Kevin Cameron's column to the Death of Buell to having my visual senses seared yet again (in triplicate) by the Smile Train ad. Normally, I read every word of Cycle World. I'm not going to read any more. I'm selling my Beemer, too.

Don Reiterman Hemet, California

Step away from the ledge. Don, and get out of Hemet for a while, maybe. You wanna go to Kabul with us and a bunch of college kids? You ever played beer pong, buddy ?

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