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Last year doing the Giro/Tour double was too much for me. I lacked energy in the Tour.

"I know that if I am in my best shape, I can win the Tour, I've proven it in the Giro and Vuelta. But the Tour is more complicated and more important.

"I'm aware that I'm taking a risk by just focussing on the Tour de France, TT ^

but if I finish on the podium in FORIYI

Paris, then I'll have proved it was 2008 Tour: second worth it. It's good that it's so best of all the mountainous, and also that overall contenders —

-,„„ „„ i„„„„.,, ,,,„„„ 47 seconds conceded

Astana are no lonqer as stronq as ...

„„„„ . „ 1 to Christian they were in 2009. Last year they Vande Velde dominated the race from beginning to end. That's different now, and that could be important.

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