He Won Here In 1981


Report from Cycling Weekly July 12,1980

"[Doop] Zoetemelk looked on course to beat the 49-minute barrier when he went through the seven-kilometre check in 10-30. Behind him, Hinault knew what he had to aim for, and sure enough he was faster in 10-23. Some of the Raleigh camp had feared the margin might be more — what would the 16-kilometre times reveal?

"Zoetemelk, his hands gripping the middle of the bars as he tackled the gradient, went through in 22-29. Hinault, on his special time trial machine, concealed brake cables, oval tubes, but without the plastic rim covers tried last year, was exactly 35 seconds faster.

"The gain was inexorable. Hinault just about doubling his margin in the second half, which included a long stretch of dual carriageway very reminiscent of a British time trial course."

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PAVE SECTOR Sars et Rosières

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