It's been a bad one — he's raced almost as little before July as he usually does afterwards, which is very little indeed. Did OK at the Tour of Murcia, stank at Critérium International, had his only halfway decent ride of the year at the Tour of Flanders, suffered tummy trouble at the Circuit de la Sarthe and crashed out of California.


It would be incredible to win the Tour five years after originally retiring — I was already the oldest [post-war] winner of the Tour, but I would be even older this time.

"But it's going to be difficult. The first week will be windy and the tack of a team time trial hurts RadioShack. I'll have to calculate FORW

more and be aware of the race. 2009 Tour: Arm

"Alberto is hard, and I think he is lost 1-51 to Con confident. He ll be hoping to win in 2010.1 making him f< know he has made certain declarations ^est GC

about the final week [of last year's Tour], but they are absolutely false. I never had any trouble with Andy Schleck. I've never had any trouble with any of my other adversaries, like Ivan Basso or Doseba Beloki. But psychological confrontation is part of cycling."

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