Ktm 350

This bike has Vet written all over it. For those of us who like the handling of a 250 but feel a bit overwhelmed by a 450, the KTM's engine is a great compromise. "Power on the 350 is lacking compared to the 450, but it always seems to grab traction out of corners," said Dudek. "I have to keep busy shifting to stay in its sweet spot, but compared to the 250, it has power everywhere!"

Not only was the SX-F able to clear every jump or obstacle it encountered we found that we could take inside lines just like on a 450. "I could make the biggest jumps without being desperate to maintain corner speed" said Cernicky.

It was that trait—the ability to lay down power smoothly and maintain speed—that allowed Dudek to clock his fastest lap on Pala's sandy pro track aboard the KTM. Our biggest gripe is that the orange bike weighs only 5 pounds less than the 237-pound YZ and a whopping 15 more than the Honda, robbing it of that snappy, agile feeling we'd hoped for. But the tradeoff is electric starting, and we like that!

"Our goal was to compare the different engine displacements, their characteristics and how they affect


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