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Listen, 849cc and 118 horses are plenty. The first Ducati I remember riding was the way cool 851, back in '89. It made almost 80 horsepower, weighed almost 50 pounds more than this 848, sold for around $12K and we loved it. Anyway, I'll say it again: If you're Michel Fabrizio or Larry Pegram and racing to make money, you need the big engine. For street use, for the rest of us, I like the smaller, revvier ones just because the noise they make is the best thing about Ducati Superbikes—and the noise at like 10,000 rpm is the best racket of all. On an 1198 on the street, you'll seldom go there. On the 848, you can go there a couple times a block because that's where the power is, and because the 848 is geared shorter to access it. (I'd go another tooth bigger on back if this one were mine.) WHUBBBITA! Not to mention that a mere 118 horses still feels like more than enough. Shame about the no dry clutch. —John Burns, Feature Editor


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