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Electric Hydraulic Preload unit on the rear suspension. Of course, it comes with no kitchen sink, either. For the purpose of informing the reader about various motorcycle models, this is not the quality of writing I expect from a premium motorcycle magazine. Greg Zalucha Champaign, Illinois

Stick around; it takes like ยก7 years for the Burns quality of writing to givw on you.


I wonder how many others out there besides me wonder these same things about Peter Egan? I always look forward to his writings and ramblings, and I've purchased both his books over the years. But, how many times have we read about him buying a bike, fixing it up, looking at it in the garage while consuming a well-known dark beer sold in a black can, raving on and on about the bike, selling the bike, wishing he hadn't sold the bike, trying to buy the bike back from the new owner who doesn't want to sell it, telling wife Barbara he's buying another bike just like the one he sold because he misses it so much, loading up van with said new purchase (usually in winter), bringing it

satility of the DR. Sure, the knobs buzz my junk numb on longer road rides, but the squirming and sliding through comers is worth it. Where I live, 1 can string a 200-mile ride together with half of it dirt. With the right mods, the DR650 is truly a do-it-all ride. Other than requiring a bit more muscle in extreme off-road conditions (lessened by the motor's ability to chug), I give up nothing to my 450-riding friends. On the road it's better than the rest. By the way, you don't need two bikes, just two sets of wheels (get an 18-inch rear off a DR350 for the dirt). All in all, my Suzuki has brought great versatility and joy to my ever-more-Egan-esque existence. Dayn Mansfield Templeton, California home, wondering why he sold the last one because this one is obviously the best bike in the whole wide world, ordering new parts for the new bike, then riding it around and somehow the world doesn't seem quite so bad after all, then vowing to never sell THIS one?

Hey, Peter! Ride some different bikes, already! Try something new, something you haven't owned yet, something totally different! Buy a super-motard bike or a Gold Wing or something. . .anything but what you've already written about twice or three times!

Roger Anderson Submitted via www.cycleworld.com

The DR is in

Regarding Egan's mighty DR650:1 bought mine for a 60-mile roundtrip commute that included some dirt options. Only three months after I got it, I began working from home. No more commute. So I did what any former MX racer/dirt lover would do: turn it into an off-road dirt tank. With some judicious modifications, my big DR has taken me into some of the craziest places and most amazing epic rides. I can't think of another bike

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