Nobby Nic Evo 2.35

Price !

Price Range $76-i

Weight 595 gra

Ideal Terrain An all-rounder: Competent in a broad range of conditions.

Nevegal 2.5 Stick-E

Price $1

Weight 1,385 gran

Ideal Terrain Great on hard, dry trails. Competent in all conditions.

Minion DHE 2.5 EXO

Price $55

Price Range S42-S63

Weight 845 grams

Ideal Terrain Where high-speed corners and loose conditions prevail.

The Minion digs in like a pitbull, allowing you to lean the bike hard and aggressively. When it does break traction, it easily hooks up again mid-drift. This single-ply "freeride" version is considerably lighter (355 grams than the dual-ply DH model) and the new Maxxis EXO sidewall protection adds a bit of durability and abrasion resistance. Though this is technically a front tire, it can be run on both ends of the bike. —Vernon Felton

Kenda's workhorse is supremely versatile. It doesn't offer the tenacious cornering grip of the Minion or the mud-shedding traits of a true wet-condition tire, but it does everything pretty damn well. The tightly spaced center knobs reduce rolling resistance and make for a tire (there are 16 different versions) that excels on both XC and DH courses. This fat soft-compound model excels on rocky terrain. Its two-ply construction is tough, albeit heavy as hell. —VF

Despite its large casing, the Nobby Nic rolls very quickly-aided, no doubt, by its short tread blocks and a noticeable lack of heft. The Schwalbe is a great model for riders seeking an all-condition tire that will speed up their all-mountain rig. On the flipside, riders in particularly rocky areas should opt for the Nic Evo SnakeSkin model with its tougher, reinforced sidewalls because this tire is too pricey to shred. —VF



" WildGrip'R 2.4

* Weight 850 grams

^ Ideal Terrain Mixed terrain, from firm to |

ff.1» slightly loose. A great mud tire.

Michelin calls the WildGrip'R its "mixed terrain", ride-anywhere model. October in ¿fe the Pacific Northwest isn't the best place H to gauge a tire's hardpack performance; that said, the WildGrip'R rolls surprisingly well given its wide-open tread and when it comes to mud shedding, nothing clears goop like the Grip'R. Cornering manners are predictable, if not particularly fierce. Wet-weather traction is good and the double-ply sidewalls fend off all manner of evil. —VF

Bronson AM TCS

Price $65

Price Range $55-$65

Weight 810 grams

Ideal Terrain Excels when ridden aggressively on loose, rocky trails.

Any tire named after Charles Bronson has a lot to live up to. WTB's new all-purpose model largely delivers. It corners well, blending the excellent grip of a square-profile tire, with the predictability of a round-profile tread. The Bronson also rolls well, thanks to its ramped, crown knobs. Rainy-day performance is better than previous WTB models, but the Bronson offered less grip on wet rocks and roots than other tires in this group. —VF

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