WTB Speed V Comp Saddle msro $40

Avid Single Digit 7 Brake

WTB Velociraptor Tire msnisae

WhIIiju WAM-M3 Pedals msraSflO

Crank r Brolliers 1 Egg 8eater SL Pedals msrpSWfl

Sun Ringle Octane

Mag Pedal

IRC Mntro II Folding Tire msro $30

Time ATAC Aliiim ni Pedals W'

Time ATAC XS Mtn Clipless Pedals msrp StTt)

SramX.7 Rear Dérailleur OS amusco

Seite Amp Saddle msro S 70

WTB Laser V Pro Saddle msrp $00

Alligator Super Fortress Cable Kit mstp $30

Selle Air 2 Mini Pump with Auto Head

Shimano XT M760 Dual Cnnlrnl Luvurs w/ Cables msmSZ70

Shimano IX M 580 RapidfirH Shifter Lever msro $90

San Marco Ponza Saddle mupSßO

Stall's Tirn And Rim Sealant

Shimano XTRM960 SGS Rear Dérailleur msro $160

Shimano XT M760 SGS Mega-9 Rear Oer msro $90

Sram X.9 Rear Dérailleur 08

Crank BmtlmtK Power Pump

Alligator PTFE msro $7


Pedro's Ice

Wax Chain Lube isa

Race Face Sram X 9

Evolve XCX- Trigger

Type Cranksnt Shifters 08 msro $230 ffitro S16b_

cmj ma

Stain PC 991 Chain w/ PowetLink 08

Axo Chute BHng Tango Full Face Helmet msro $300

TLD D2 Composite Chito Helmet 08 msroS295

Giro Athlon Helmet 03 msro $129

Easton Monkeylile SL msro $140 Carbon Riser Bar '08 I


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