Link System

It looks unlike any full suspension system you've ever seen. It also rides unlike any full suspension bike you've ever ridden. It may look complicated, but what Virtual Link does Is actually pretty works.

Why Virtual Link works is actually pretty simple too. Since there isn't a pivot between the bottom bracket and rear axle, chain growth is impossible. Chain growth Is the demon that causes that dreaded pedal bob that robs your power. The Virtual Link system engineers pedal bob right out of your ride so every ounce of your pedal stoke goes into powering the rear wheel. Pure efficiency.

The choice is yours. You can spend your time on the trail riding what feels like a pogo stick or you can throw a leg over a Virtual Link bike and find out what it's like to move forward...quickly. It's time to be bob free.

Patented Virtual Link suspension is proudly used on our Sonix and Xeon hikes. To learn more, visit

Lightweight; active suspension; well-deserved trail-ninja status

Expensive; no through-axle fork; under-gunned tires


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