V We picked up this new brass inlet valve from our local Harley dealer ( 11.95). Being that it's brass and not plastic, this ought to be the last time we have to do this. The valve is press-fit into the carb body, so with a little time in the freezer (right next to the Arm and Hammer), the brass will constrict slightly and make installation easier. We assembled our homemade puller by threading the nut onto the bolt, slid the washer in place followed by the socket, and then screwed the bolt into...


It also provides plenty of light for our path. The Bullet on the WG looks good. It also provides plenty of light for our path. We opted for the 41 2-inch bucket and the tall mounting bracket. Also shown is half of the lens kit with two Bullet turn signal covers and two amber halogen bulbs. We opted for the 41 2-inch bucket and the tall mounting bracket. Also shown is half of the lens kit with two Bullet turn signal covers and two amber halogen bulbs. First, we...

Le Chic

Erwin Sheik Folse from Lockport, Louisiana, built this one-off special construction pro streetbike with the aid of his son, Zeb, who also painted it. A 127ci Ultima motor powers the bike. The bike rolls on a set of Ultima wheels as well. The Sheik himself made the frame and it features a 2-inch forward stretch with a 1-inch stretch in the rear over a stock H-D. The tank, rear fender, handlebars, and oil tank were also tabbed up by the Folses. Not to shabby Sheik HOT B KFilSSN 8750-3212) January...


Rust Rod Softail

Keith Price from Puyallup, Washington, emailed us some snaps of the bike he just finished. This West Coast Choppers CFL sports an Ultima 107ci motor, a set of Black Bike wheels, an air ride seat, an original '31 Ford taillight and his buddy's titanium leg pin for the shifter rod. The bike is finished in rust that he made come to life upon the bare sheetmetal with some patina products he scored from the arts and crafts store Michael's.


Adam on his first long ride with his new bike. If there were a tent in the background, we'd say he's one happy camper. thing in black. Next, Kevin Hare stepped in and hit the sides of the tank, front fender, and saddlebag lids with his airbrush work. Seal Graphix then laid down some pinstripes on the dash for a little extra zing. And lastly, to knock down some of the sheen and add to the evil look of the bike, several layers of H-D matte clear were applied over the top of everything. With...

Drag Specialties

Now there's a bagger for you, no matter where you roam. Whether you choose the all-new leather saddle bags or hard-sided bags, you get class-leading storage. Two models with 48 different custom combinations, the 2011 Victory Cross Roads CORE Customs are bikes you can personalize right at the dealer. Choose saddle bags, color, windshield, and tip-over protection options. No wasted stock parts. No waiting. Get right out on the road with superior value starting at s14,999 ( 2,000usd less than the...

Big City Thunder

With sound barrier enforcement becoming more the norm, Big City Thunder has released the Quality Quiet QQ baffle line to combat the combatants. The QQ's are quieter than the company's Thunder Monster baffles because the new design dissipates sound energy to reduce decibel levels. The QQ's are available in a variety of diameters for different pipe dimensions as well as for Screamin' Eagle slip-on mufflers. Insurance for all the things that move you.

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