Cross Roads

Engine/Displacemnent 106ci/Freedom V-twin Induction EFl

Primary Drive Gear drive w/ torque compensator Clutch Wet. Multi-plate

Transmission Six-speed w/ Neutral Assist

Final Drive __Carbon fiber reinforced belt

Front Brake

Dual four-piston calipers/300mm floating rotors Rear Brake

Two-piston caliper/300mm floating rotor

Front Wheel Size Rear Wheel Size Front Tire/Size Rear Tires/Size Frame Rake Fuel Tank Seat Height Color(s) MSRP

18x3-inch 16x5-inch Ounlop/130/70R18 Dunlop/180/60R16 29 degrees 5.8 gallons 26,25 inches Solid Black, Solid Crimson Base $14,999

Here's the Crimson Re Cross Roads that's b outfitted with hard b a windshield, and the tubular front tipover protection.

The slimmed down '11 Cross Roads only comes standard with soft bags.


The '11 Cross Roads saw significant changes as far as accessories are concerned with the introduction of Victory's CORE Custom Program. Overall the bones of the bike remain the same as last year. The engine is the same 106 ci, but the updated, quieter six-speed transmission with Neutral Assist was added. As far as the accessories go, the '10 Cross Roads rocked in our opinion so why change them?

The '10 came standard with lockable, hard saddlebags (standard on '10-11 Cross Country models), a tubular highway bar, a windshield, and black paint for a starting price of $15,999 (California add $250). But this year Victory wanted to let its customers decide which of these comforts they wanted to add by making the hard bags, highway bar, and windshield available as an option, not standard. Basically, the customer walks into the Victory dealership, chooses his or her standard black or Crimson Red (add $500) Cross Roads, then decides if he/she wants the standard weatherproof vinyl soft bags (14.7 gallons of storage with no locking mechanism), or the upgraded hard bags (21 gallons of storage and lock-able for $299.99 extra). Next, the customer chooses if he/she wants front tipover protection in the form of tubular bar ($349.99) or the forged bar ($599.99), and also rear tipover protection available for soft and hard bags ($349.99). Lastly, a windshield does not come standard on the '11 Cross Roads, but one can be had for an extra fee of, get this, $599.99. "We [Victory] developed the program to create the best balance between value and variety of models. The Base Cross Roads is an awesome value by itself—the addition of just the right accessories helps the customer create the motorcycle they want," Pandya stated. But that's a tad steep, and when all the bells and whistles are added up, the max pricetag for the CORE components is really close to that of a standard Cross Country, and you'll get a fork-mounted fairing with a stereo for around $700 more. However, if you don't want all the extras then the base price is just right. HB


Primo provides everything needed to install the Brute IV Touring Belt Drive in tidy packaging with concise directions.

Kevin started by installing the stator rotor cover and provided spacer along with the shift arm.

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