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Hailing from Magnolia,Texas, the crew at Misfit Baggers are truly doing it their way.

Misfit has been customizing hot rods and motorcycles for decades and looked at hot rods as inspiration to build a market for itself within the motorcycle parts industry. When it started building production bikes with OE-style parts, Misfit was unhappy with the lack of useable products, whether it was frontends or saddlebags to install on its custom touring bikes. It was then that Misfit decided to build the ultimate custom bike that anyone could own; the Albatross Road Rage. Yes, this is a production bike folks.

When creating this way-out and wonderful turn-key bagger, the guys at Misfit did not start out with a used Harley-Davidson frame and convert it to their liking. This bike was created from the ground up starting with a completely custom frame garnering every detail that they wanted. Coupled to the frame is one of Misfit's 23-inch wheel conversions, which includes a set of raked triple trees, so there was no need to cut up the frame to make it work. Misfit even claims that the big wheel enhances the ride quality of the Road Rage. Out back the bike rolls on an 18x5 1/2-inch wheel with a Vee Rubber 200 tire wrapped around it.

"All of this sweet bodywork is made right here in the good old U.S. of A."

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