Long term storage (60 days or more) of your motorcycle will require some preventive procedures to guard against deterioration. After thoroughly cleaning the motorcycle, prepare for storage as follows:

1. Fill the fuel tank with fuel and add fuel stabilizer (if available).

2. Remove the spark plugs, pour about one tablespoon of engine oil in each spark plug hole and reinstall the spark plugs. Turn the engine over several times (ground spark plug leads) to coat the cylinder walls with oil.


When using the starter motor to crank the engine, remove the spark piug wires, and ground them to prevent sparking.

3. Lubricate all control cables.

4. Block up the frame to raise both wheels off the ground.

5. Tie a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe outlets to prevent moisture from entering.

6. If storing in a humid or salt-air atmosphere, coat all exposed metal surfaces with a light film of oil. Do not apply oil to any rubber parts or the seat cover.

7. Remove the battery and fully charge it. Store it in a cool, dry place and completely recharge it once a month. Do not store the battery in an excessively warm or cold place (less than 0°C (30°F) or more than 30°C (90°F)). See page 6-27 for battery storage precautions.

Make any necessary repairs before storing the motorcycle.


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