Handlebar switches


1. Dimmer switch

Turn the switch to " 10 " for the high beam and to " §D " for the low beam.


2. Turn signai switch " "

This model is equipped with self-can-celling turn signals. To signal a right-hand turn, push the switch to the right. To signa! a left-hand turn, push the switch to the left. Once the switch is released it will return to the center position. To cancel the signal, push the switch in after it has returned to the center position. If the switch is not cancelled by hand, it will self-cancel after the motorcycle has travelled at least 150 meters and 15 seconds have passed. The self-cancelling mechanism only operates when the motorcycle is moving. Therefore the signal will not self-cancel while you are stopped at an intersection.


3. Horn switch "fer"

Press the switch to sound the hom.


1. Engine stop switch

The engine stop switch is a safety device for use in an emergency such as when the motorcycle overturns or if trouble occurs in the throttle system. Turn the switch to " O " to start the engine. In case of emergency, turn the switch to " ^ * to stop the engine.


The starter motor cranks the engine when pushing the start switch.


See starting instructions prior to starting the engine.

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