Headlight bulb replacement

This motorcycle is equipped with a quartz bulb headlight. If the headlight bulb burns out, replace the bulb as follows: 1. Remove the headlight unit screws.

1. Connector

2. Bulb cover

2. Remove the connector, the headlight unit and then the bulb cover.

1. Bulb holder

3. Turn the bulb holder counterclockwise to remove it and remove the defective bulb.


Keep flammable products and your hands away from a bulb while it is on, as it is hot. Do not touch a bulb until it cools down.

4. Put a new bulb into position and secure it in place with the bulb holder.

Avoid touching the glass part of a bulb. Keep it free from oil; otherwise, the transparency of the glass, life of the bulb, and luminous flux will be adversely affected, if oil gets on a bulb, thoroughly clean it with a cloth moistened with alcohol or lacquer thinner.

5. install the bulb cover, connector and headlight unit. Ask a Yamaha dealer to adjust the headlight beam if necessary.

1. Screw (x 2) 1 - Screw (x 2)
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