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Adding accessories or cargo to your motorcycle can adversely affect stability and handling if the weight distribution of the machine is changed. To avoid the possibility of an accident, extreme caution should be used if adding cargo or accessories to your motorcycle. Use extra care if riding a motorcycle which has added cargo or accessories. Here are some general guidelines to follow if loading cargo or adding accessories to your motorcycle:


The total weight of the operator, passenger, accessories and cargo must not exceed the maximum load limit of 397 lb. (180 kg).

When loading within these weight limits, keep the following in mind:

1. Cargo and accessory weight should be kept as low and close to the motorcycle as possible. Be sure to distribute the weight as evenly as possible on both sides of the machine to minimize imbalance or instability.

2. Shifting weights can create a sudden imbalance. Make sure that accessories and cargo are securely attached to the motorcycle before riding. Recheck accessory mounts and cargo restraints frequently.

3. Never attach any large or heavy items to the handlebars, front forks, or front fender. These items, including such cargo as sleeping bags, duffle bags, orients, can create unstable handling or slow steering response.


Genuine Yamaha accessories have been specifically designed for use on this motorcycle. Since Yamaha cannot test all other accessories which may be available, you must personally be responsible for the proper selection, installation and use of non-Yamaha accessories. You should use extreme caution when selecting and installing any accessories.

Keep in mind these guidelines for mounting accessories in addition to those provided under "LOADING".

1. Never install accessories or carry cargo that would impair the performance of your motorcycle. Carefully inspect the accessory before using it to make sure it does not in any way reduce ground clearance or cornering clearance, limit suspension travel, steering travel or control operation, or obscure lights or reflectors.

a. Accessories fitted to the handlebar or the front fork area can create instability due to improper weight distribution or aerodynamic changes. If accessories are added to the handlebar or front fork area, they must be as lightweight as possible and should be kept to a minimum.

b. Bulky or large accessories may seriously affect the stability of the motorcycle due to aerodynamic effects. Wind may attempt to lift the motorcycle, or the motorcycle may become unstable in cross winds. These accessories may also cause instability when being passed by or passing large vehicle.

c. Certain accessories can displace the operator from his or her normal riding position. This improper position limits the freedom of movement of the operator and may limit control ability. Therefore such accessories are not recommended.

2. Caution must be used if adding electrical accessories. If these accessories exceed the capacity of the motorcycle's electrical system, an electric failure could result, which could cause a dangerous loss of lights or engine power.

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