Operation And Important Riding Points

EAU00373 EAU00376 EAU01131


1. Before riding this motorcycle, become thoroughly familiar with all operating controls and their functions. Consult a Yamaha dealer regarding any control or function that you do not thoroughly understand.

2. Never start your engine or let it run for any length of time in a closed area. The exhaust fumes are poisonous and can cause loss of consciousness and death within a short time. Always operate your motorcycle in an area with adequate ventilation.

3. Before starting out, always be sure the sidestand is up. Failure to retract the sidestand completely can result in a serious accident when you try to turn a corner.


1. Be careful where you store personal items on the motorcycle. Avoid blocking the air cleaner intake or performance will suffer.

2. Be careful not to put anything near the battery and its terminals. Electrical failure and acid corrosion may result.

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