When parking the motorcycle, stop the engine and remove the ignition key. Turn the fuel cock to "OFF' whenever stopping the engine.


The exhaust system is hot. Park the motorcycle in a place where pedestrians or children are not likely to touch the motorcycle. Do not park the motorcycle on a slope or soft ground; the motorcycle may overturn.

Periodic maintenance 6-1

Tool kit 6-1

Periodic maintenance chart for emission control system 6-3

General maintenance and lubrication chart 6-4

Panel removal and installation 6-8

Panel A 6-8

Panel B 6-9

Spark plug inspection 6-9

Canister (for California only) 6-10

Engine oil 6-11

Final gear oil 6-13

Air filter 6-14

Carburetor adjustment 6-15

Throttle cable free play inspection 6-15

Valve clearance adjustment 6-16

Tires 6-16

Wheels 6-18

Accessories or replacement parts 6-18

Clutch lever free play adjustment 6-19

Front brake lever free play adjustment 6-19

Rear brake pedal height and free play adjustment 6-20

Brake light switch adjustment 6-21

Checking the front brake pads and rear brake shoes 6-22

Inspecting the brake fluid level 6-23

Brake fluid replacement 6-23

Cable inspection and lubrication 6-24

Throttle cable and grip lubrication 6-24

Brake and shift pedal lubrication 6-24

Brake and clutch lever lubrication 6-25

Sidestand lubrication 6-25

Front fork inspection 6-25

Steering inspection 6-26

Wheel bearings - 6-26

Battery 6-27

Fuse replacement 6-28

Headlight bulb replacement 6-29

Turn signal and taillight bulb replacement 6-30

Supporting the motorcycle 6-31

Front wheel removal 6-31

Front wheel installation 6-32

Rear wheel removal 6-33

Rear wheel installation 6-33

Troubleshooting 6-34

Troubleshooting chart 6-35

Periodic inspection, adjustment, and lubrication will keep your motorcycle in the safest and most efficient condition possible. Safety is an obligation of the motorcycle owner. The most important points of motorcycle inspection, adjustment, and lubrication are explained in the following pages. "Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control devices and systems may be performed by any repair establishment or individual using any part which is certified (if applicable)".


If you are not familiar with motorcycle service, this work should be done by a Yamaha dealer.


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