Protective apparel

The majority of fatalities from motorcycle accidents are the result of head injuries. The use of a safety helmet is the single most critical factor in the prevention or reduction of head injuries.

1. Always wear an approved helmet.

2. Wear a face shield or goggles. Wind on your unprotected eyes could contribute to an impairment of vision which could delay seeing a hazard.

3. The use of heavy boots, jacket, trousers, gloves, etc. is effective in preventing or reducing abrasions or lacerations.

4. Never wear loose fitting clothing. It could catch on the control levers, footrests, or wheels and cause injury or accident.

5. Never touch the engine or exhaust system during or after operation. They become very hot and can cause burns. Always wear protective clothing that covers your legs, ankles, and feet.

6. A passenger should also observe the above precautions.

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