Rear wheel removal


® ft is advisable to have a Yamaha dealer service the wheel.

0 Securely support the motorcycle so there is no danger of it falling over.

1. Loosen the axle nut. Do not remove it.

2. Remove the tension bar bolt on the brake shoe plate side.

3. Loosen the tension bar bolt on the swingarm side.

2. Final gear case

3. Axle nut

4. Remove the brake pedal free play adjusting nut and then the brake rod from the brake cam lever.

5. Remove panel "B". (See page 6-9 for removal procedures.)

6. Remove the bolts that secure the final gear case to the swingarm.

7. Elevate the rear wheel off of the ground.

8. Puli the wheel backward while supporting the drive shaft to remove the wheel, axle, final gear case and drive shaft as an assembly.

1. Middle drive shaft joint

2. Drive shaft


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