Gasoline and exhaust gas


a. Always turn the engine off when refueling.

b. Take care not to spill any gasoline on the engine or exhaust system when refueling.

c. Never refuel while smoking or in the vicinity of an open flame.

2. Never start the engine or let it run for any length of time in a closed area. The exhaust fumes are poisonous and may cause loss of consciousness and death within a short time. Always operate your motorcycle in an area that has adequate ventilation.

3. Always turn the engine off before leaving the motorcycle unattended and remove the key from the main switch. When parking the motorcycle, note the following:

a. The engine and exhaust system may be hot, therefore, park the motorcycle in a place where pedestrians or children are not likely to touch these hot areas.

b. Do not park the motorcycle on a slope or soft ground, otherwise it may fall over.

c. Do not park the motorcycle near a flammable source (e.g. a kerosene heater, or near an open flame), otherwise it could catch fire.

4. When transporting the motorcycle in another vehicle, make sure that it is kept upright and that the fuel cock is turned to "ON" or "RES" (for vacuum type) / "OFF" (for manual type). If it should lean over, gasoline may leak out of the carburetor or fuel tank.

5. If you should swallow any gasoline, inhale a lot of gasoline vapor, or allow gasoline to get into your eyes, see your doctor immediately. If any gasoline spills on your skin or clothing, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water and change your clothes.

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