To install a quick fastener, push the pin back so that it will protrude from the fastener head, and then insert the fastener and push the protruding pin in until it is flush with the fastener head.

7. Install the rider seat.


This shock absorber contains highly pressurized nitrogen gas. For proper handling, read and understand the following information before handling the shock absorber. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for property damage or personal injury that may result from improper handling.

Luggage strap holder (x 2)


Do not tamper with or attempt to open the gas cylinder. Do not subject the shock absorber to an open flame or other high heat sources, otherwise it may explode due to excessive gas pressure.

Do not deform or damage the gas cylinder in any way, as this will result in poor damping performance.

Always have a Yamaha dealer service the shock absorber.

Luggage strap holder (x 2)

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