0 Speedometer (2 Odometer/Tripmeter/Clock © "SELECT" button @ "RESET" button

This speedometer is equipped with:

• two tripmeters

Odometer and tripmeter modes

When set to "ODO", the motorcycle's total mileage is indicated.

When set to "TRIP 1" or "TRIP 2", the motorcycle's mileage since the tripmeter was last reset is indicated. Use the tripmeters to estimate how far you can ride on a tank of fuel. This information will enable you to plan fuel stops in the future.

Selecting a mode

Push the "SELECT" button © to change between the odometer mode "ODO", the tripmeter modes "TRIP 1" and "TRIP 2", and the clock mode in the following order: "ODO" ^ "TRIP 1" ^ "TRIP 2" ^ Clock ^ "ODO"

Resetting a meter

To reset either tripmeter 1 or 2 to 0.0, select either by pushing the "SELECT" button © and push the "RESET" button (4 for at least one second.

Clock mode

To change the display to the clock mode, push the "SELECT" button ©. To change the display back to the odometer mode, push the "SELECT" button ©.

To set the clock

1. Push both the "SELECT" button © and "RESET" button ® for at least two seconds.

2. When the hour digits start flashing, push the "RESET" button (4 to set the hours.

3. Push the "SELECT" button © to change the minutes.

4. When the minute digits start flashing, push the "RESET" button ® to set the minutes.

5. Push the "SELECT" button © to start the clock.

After setting the clock, be sure to push the "SELECT" button before turning the main switch to "OFF", otherwise the clock will not be set.

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