Checking The Front And Rear Brake Calipers

Recommended brake component replacement schedule Every two years and whenever the brake is disassembled. brake caliper pistons Rust scratches wear -brake caliper. brake caliper cylinders (2) Scratches wear Replace the brake caliper. brake calipers (3 Cracks damage Replace. brake fluid delivery passages (brake caliper body) Obstruction Blow out with compressed air.

Circuit Diagram

16 Neutral switch (17 Speed sensor 19 Thermo switch (warning light) < 20 Diode 23 Speedometer (24 Tachometer 25 Fuel meter Fuel level warning light < 27 Engine temperature warning light < 28 Neutral indicator light < 29 Oil level warning light 33 Clutch switch < 34 Oil level switch 35 Flasher relay Horn Starter switch is closed while the button (switch) is pushed. Sidestand switch is closed while the side stand is upped. Clutch switch is closed while the clutch lever is pulled. Brake...

Fzs 600 Correct Chain Slack

Securely support the motorcycle so that there is no danger of it falling over. Both wheels should be on the ground without rider on the motorcycle. 2. Rotate the rear wheel several times and check the drive chain to locate its tightest point. drive chain slack a Out of specification Adjust. b. Turn both adjusting nuts in direction or until the specified drive chain slack is obtained.

Changing The Engine

Start the engien, warm it up for several minutes, and then turn it off. 2. Place a container under the engine oil drain bolt. engine oil drain bolt 2 along with the gasket 5. If the oil filter cartridge is also to be replaced, perform the following procedure. a. Remove the oil filter cartridge with an oil filter wrench lt 2. b. Apply a thin coat of engine oil onto the O-ring of the new oil filter cartridge.


Fazer Fzs600 Side Stand

Handlebar switch lead left Starting circuit cut-off relay Battery positive lead Seat lock cable AC magneto lead Starter motor lead Air filter drain hose Sidestand switch Neutral switch Oil level switch To front brake switch To battery negative - lead To starter relay AC magneto coupler Pickup coupler Sidestand switch coupler Oil level neutral switch coupler A Use a plastic clamp to fasten the handlebar switch lead left , main switch lead, clutch cable and starter cable to the frame. B Use a...

Adjusting The Rear Brake

Check brake pedal position distance from the top of the rider foot-rest to the top of the brake pedal Out of specification Adjust. Brake pedal position below the top of the rider footrest 36.6 mm Brake pedal position below the top of the rider footrest 36.6 mm b. Turn the adjusting bolt 2 in direction or until the specified brake pedal position is obtained. Direction a Brake pedal is raised. Direction Brake pedal is lowered.

Bleeding The Hydraulic Brake System Adjusting The Shift Pedal

Shift Lever Yamaha Fazer Fzs 600

Add the recommended brake fluid to the proper level. b. Install the diaphragm brake master cylinder reservoir or brake fluid reservoir . c. Connect a clear plastic hose tightly to the bleed screw 0. d. Place the other end of the hose into a container. e. Slowly apply the brake several times. f. Fully squeeze the brake lever or fully depress the brake pedal and hold it in position. This will release the tension and cause the brake lever to contact the throttle...

Yamaha Vmax Fuel Relay

Yamaha Fzs600

Pass the main switch lead under the throttle cables, headlight lead, handlebar switch lead right and speed sensor lead, then insert it right side of the box. Pass the reservoir tank over flow hose, fuel tank breather hose and fuel tank drain hose through the cable holder. Pass the battery negative - lead inside of the reservoir hose. Throttle cable Handlebar switch lead right Headlight lead Speed sensor lead Carburetor heater hose Reservoir tank hose Fuel pump Fuel filter T.P.S lead Fuel...

Adjusting The Clutch Cable Free Play

Yamaha Virago 1100 Clutch Cable

Check clutch cable free play Out of specification Adjust. Clutch cable free play at the end of the clutch lever 10 - 15 mm Clutch cable free play at the end of the clutch lever 10 - 15 mm 2. Adjust clutch cable free play b. Turn the adjusting bolt 0 in direction or until the specified clutch cable free play is obtained. Direction a Clutch cable free play is increased. Direction Clutch cable free _play is decreased. If the specified clutch cable free play cannot be obtained on the handlebar...


Yamaha Fzs 600 Valve

Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise. b. When piston 1 is at TDC on the compression stroke, align the TDC mark on the generator rotor with the mark on the crankcase. TDC on the compression stroke can be found when the camshaft lobes are turned c. Measure the valve clearance with a thickness gauge . If the valve clearance is incorrect, record the measured reading. Measure the valve clearance in the following sequence. Valve clearance measuring sequence Cylinder 1 2 4 3 d. For each cylinder,...

Adjusting The Throttle Cable Free Play

Motorcycle Throttle Cable Yamaha Fazer

Prior to adjusting the throttle cable free play, the engine idling speed and carburetor synchronization should be adjusted properly. 1. Check throttle cable free play d Out of specification Adjust. Throttle cable free play at the flange of the throttle grip 3 5 mm Throttle cable free play at the flange of the throttle grip 3 5 mm When the motorcycle is accelerating, throttle cable 1 is pulled and throttle cable 2 lt 2 is pushed. a. Loosen the locknut on throttle cable 2. b. Turn the adjuster or...

Synchronizing The Carburetors

Fazer 600 Carb

Prior to synchronizing the carburetors, the valve clearance and the engine idling speed should be properly adjusted and the ignition timing should be checked. 1. Stand the motorcycle on a level surface. NOTE Place the motorcycle on a suitable stand. Vacuum gauge 90890-03094 Engine tachometer 90890-03113 Vacuum gauge 90890-03094 Engine tachometer 90890-03113 4. Start the engine and let it warm up for several minutes. engine idling speed Out of specification Adjust. Refer to ADJUSTING THE ENGINE...