Yamaha Vmax Fuel Relay

Yamaha Fzs600

Pass the main switch lead under the throttle cables, headlight lead, handlebar switch lead (right) and speed sensor lead, then insert it right side of the box. Pass the reservoir tank over flow hose, fuel tank breather hose and fuel tank drain hose through the cable holder.

Pass the battery negative (-) lead inside of the reservoir hose.

Yamaha 660 Carburetor Drain

© Throttle cable © Handlebar switch lead (right) © Headlight lead © Speed sensor lead © Carburetor heater hose © Reservoir tank hose © Fuel pump © Fuel filter ©T.P.S lead © Fuel sender, coupler

(11 Battery negative (-) lead © Battery

© Rear brake reservoir tank (14 Rear brake switch lead (15 Seat lock cable <16 Ignitor

(17 Rear turn signal light lead (right) (18 Taillight lead

(19 Rear turn signal light lead (left) (20 Starter motor lead

Starter relay i Starting circuit cut-off relay i Flasher relay i Fuel pump lead coupler i Ignition coil Clutch cable i Ground lead Starter cable Fan motor lead i Rectifier/regulator lead

Photo Coupler Relay Circuit

(31 Starter cable

(32 Clutch cable

(33 Handlebar switch lead (left)

(34 Main switch lead

(35 To taillight

(36 Rear fender

(37 Clamp

A Pass the wireharness under the starter relay.

[B Pass the rectifier/regulator lead, fan motor lead, handlebar switch lead (left), main switch lead, headlight lead, handlebar switch lead (right) and speed sensor lead through front side of the box, then connecte each coupler in the box.

[C Align the connector position of rear turn signal light leads (left and right), then bend the rear turn signal light lead and clamp it.

[D Pass the reservoir hose left side of thermo stat housing.

[E Do not fasten the high tension cord #4 with locking tie.

[F Use a plastic band to fasten the high tension cord #3, #4.

[G Pass the carburetor inlet hose under the high tension cord #2, #4.

Fzs 600 Carburetor
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