Gasoline is extremely flammable and under certain circumstances there can be a danger of an explosion or fire. Be extremely careful and note the following points:

• Stop the engine before refueling.

• Do not smoke, and keep away from open flames, sparks, or any other source of fire.

• If you do accidentally spill gasoline, wipe it up immediately with dry rags.

• If gasoline touches the engine when it is hot, a fire may occur. Therefore, make sure the engine is completely cool before performing the following test.

1. Check: • Fuel pump operation a. Fill the fuel tank.

b. Put the end of the fuel hose into an open container.

c. Connect the battery (DC 12 V) to the fuel pump coupler as shown.

Positive battery lead ^ red/blue ® Negative battery lead ^ black (2)

d. If fuel flows out of the fuel hose, the fuel pump is OK. If fuel does not flow, replace the fuel pump.

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