Always use a new gasket.

c. Tighten the timing chain tensioner bolts (3 to the specified torque.

Timing chain tensioner bolt 12 Nm (1.2 m^kg, 8.7 fWb)

d. Remove the screwdriver, make sure that the timing chain tensioner rod releases, and then tighten the cap bolt to the specified torque.

Cap bolt

• crankshaft

(several full turns clockwise)

Make sure the "T" mark on the pickup rotor is aligned with the crankcase mating sure face

• camshaft sprocket match mark ©

Make sure the match marks on the camshaft sprockets are aligned with the crankcase mating surface

Out of alignment ^ Adjust.

Refer to the installation steps above.

9. Tighten:

• camshaft sprocket bolts ®

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