Defective neutral switch

Execute the diagnostic mode (code No. 21) Replace if defective.

Refer to "CHECKING THE SWITCHES" in chapter 8.

Fault code No.

Symptom The ECU is unable to monitor the battery voltage.

Used diagnostic code No. 09 (fuel system voltage)


Inspection operation item and probable cause

Operation item and countermeasure

Reinstatement method

Connected condition of connector Inspect the coupler for any pins that may have pulled out. Check the locking condition of the coupler.

If there is a malfunction, repair it and connect it securely.

Starting circuit cut-off relay coupler (fuel injection system relay) Fuel pump coupler Injector coupler ECU coupler

Reinstated by starting the engine and operating it at idle.

Malfunction in ECU

Fuel injection system relay is on.

Open or short circuit in the wiring harness.

Repair or replace if there is an open or short circuit.

Between starting circuit cut-off relay (fuel injection system relay), fuel pump, injector (#1 - #4) red/blue - red/blue

Malfunction or open circuit in fuel injection system relay

Execute the diagnostic mode (code No. 09)

When the leads are disconnected, the voltage check by the code No. 09 is impossible.

Replace if defective.

1. Disconnect the starting circuit cut-off relay from the wire harness.

2. Connect the pocket tester (Q x 1) and battery (12 V) to the starting circuit cut-off relay terminals as shown.

Battery positive terminal Battery positive terminal red/black © blue/yellow ®

Tester positive probe ^ red (3) Tester negative probe ^ red/blue

3. Does the starting circuit cut-off relay have continuity between red and red/blue?

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