Never insert the tester probes into the coupler terminal slots. Always insert the probes from the opposite end of the coupler ® taking care not to loosen or damage the leads.

Pocket tester

90890-03112, YU-3112

• Before checking for continuity, set the pocket tester to "0" and to the "Q x 1" range.

• When checking for continuity, switch back and forth between the switch positions a few times.

The terminal connections for switches (e.g., main switch, engine stop switch) are shown in an illustration similar to the one on the left. The switch positions @ are shown in the far left column and the switch lead colors © are shown in the top row in the switch illustration.


"O-O" indicates a continuity of electricity between switch terminals (i.e., a closed circuit at the respective switch position).


The example illustration on the left shows that:

There is continuity between red and brown/red when the switch is set to "P". There is continuity between red, brown/blue and brown/red when the switch is set to "ON".

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