Do not interchange the big end bearings and connecting rods. To obtain the correct crankshaft-pin-to-big-end-bearing clearance and prevent engine damage, the big end bearings must be installed in their original positions.

a. Clean the big end bearings, crankshaft pins, and the inside of the connecting rod halves.

b. Install the big end upper bearing into the connecting rod and the big end lower bearing into the connecting rod cap.

Align the projections @ on the big end bearings with the notches © in the connecting rod and connecting rod cap.

c. Put a piece of Plastigauge® ® on the crankshaft pin.

d. Assemble the connecting rod halves.

• Do not move the connecting rod or crankshaft until the clearance measurement has been completed.

• Lubricate the bolt threads and nut seats with molybdenum disulfide grease.

• Make sure that the "Y" mark © on the connecting rod faces towards the left side of the crankshaft.

• Make sure that the characters @ on both the connecting rod and connecting rod cap are aligned.

e. Tighten the connecting rod nuts (except for CAL) or bolts (for CAL).

Connecting rod nut (except for CAL)

15 Nm (1.5 m®kg, 11 ft *lb) + 150e Connecting rod bolt (for CAL) 15 Nm (1.5 m®kg, 11 ft Hb) + 120e f. Replace the connecting rod bolts with new ones.

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