• Never remove the MF battery sealing caps.

• Do not use a high-rate battery charger since it forces a high-amperage current into the battery quickly and can cause battery overheating and battery plate damage. If it is impossible to regulate the charging current on the battery charger, be careful not to overcharge the battery.

• When charging a battery, be sure to remove it from the motorcycle. (If charging has to be done with the battery mounted on the motorcycle, disconnect the negative battery lead from the battery terminal.)

• To reduce the chance of sparks, do not plug in the battery charger until the battery charger leads are connected to the battery.

• Before removing the battery charger lead clips from the battery terminals, be sure to turn off the battery charger.

• Make sure the battery charger lead clips are in full contact with the battery terminal and that they are not shorted. A corroded battery charger lead clip may generate heat in the contact area and a weak clip spring may cause sparks.

• If the battery becomes hot to the touch at any time during the charging process, disconnect the battery charger and let the battery cool before reconnecting it. Hot batteries can explode!

• As shown in the following illustration, the open-circuit voltage of an MF battery stabilizes about 30 minutes after charging has been completed. Therefore, wait 30 minutes after charging is completed before measuring the open-circuit voltage.

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