A hot radiator is under pressure. Therefore, do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Scalding hot fluid and steam may be blown out, which could cause serious injury. When the engine has cooled, open the radiator cap as follows: Place a thick rag or a towel over the radiator cap and slowly turn the radiator cap counterclockwise toward the detent to allow any residual pressure to escape. When the hissing sound has stopped, press down on the radiator cap and turn it counterclockwise to remove.

The following procedure applies to all of the coolant drain bolts and copper washers. 6. Remove: • coolant drain bolt (water pump) ® (along with the copper washer)

(from the engine and radiator)

• copper washer ® INS (coolant drain bolt-water pump (2)

9. Install:

• coolant drain bolt (water pump) (with copper washer)

10. Install:

• coolant reservoir tank

11. Connect:

• coolant reservoir hose

12. Fill: • cooling system (with the specified amount of the recommended coolant)

Recommended antifreeze High-quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containing corrosion inhibitors for aluminum engines Mixing ratio

1:1 (antifreeze:water) Quantity

Total amount

2.0 L (1.76 Imp qt, 2.11 US qt) Coolant reservoir capacity 0.27 L (0.24 Imp qt, 0.29 US qt)

Handling notes for coolant

Coolant is potentially harmful and should be handled with special care.

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