Checking The Air Induction System

Loose connection ^ Connect properly. Cracks/damage ^ Replace.

Cracks/damage ^ Replace.

• reed valve stopper

Cracks/damage ^ Replace the reed valve.

3. Measure: • reed valve bending limit @ Out of specification ^ Replace the reed valve.

Reed valve bending limit 0.4 mm (0.016 in)

® Surface plate

4. Check: • air cut-off valve Cracks/damage ^ Replace.

5. Check • AI system solenoid a. Remove the AI system solenoid coupler from the wire harness.

b. Connect the pocket tester (Q x 1) to the AI system solenoid terminal as shown.

Tester positive probe ^ brown/red ® Tester negative probe ^ red/white (2)

c. Measure the AI system solenoid resistance.

AI system solenoid resistance 18 ~ 22 Q at 20oC (68°F)

d. Out of specification ^ Replace.

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