Checking The Condition Of The Bulb Sockets

The following procedure applies to all of the bulb sockets. 1. Check: • bulb socket (for continuity) (with the pocket tester) No continuity ^ Replace.

Pocket tester

90890-03112, YU-3112


Check each bulb socket for continuity in the same manner as described in the bulb section; however, note the following.

a. Install a good bulb into the bulb socket.

b. Connect the pocket tester probes to the respective leads of the bulb socket.

c. Check the bulb socket for continuity. If any of the readings indicate no continuity, replace the bulb socket.


The following procedures applies to all of the LEDs. 1. Check: • LED (for proper operation) Improper operation ^ Replace.

a. Disconnect the meter assembly coupler (meter assembly side).

b. Connect two jumper leads ® from the battery terminals to the respective coupler terminal.


As for connecting with which coupler terminal, refer to "CABLE ROUTING" in chapter 2.

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