Checking The Radiator

1. Check: • radiator fins Obstruction ^ Clean.

Apply compressed air to the rear of the radiator.

Damage ^ Repair or replace. NOTE:

Straighten any flattened fins with a thin, flat-head screwdriver.

• radiator hoses

• radiator pipes Cracks/damage


3. Measure: • radiator cap opening pressure Below the specified pressure ^ Replace the radiator cap.

Radiator cap opening pressure 93 - 123 kPa (0.93 - 1.23 kg/cm2, 13.2 - 17.5 psi)

a. Install the radiator cap tester ® and radiator cap tester adapter (2 to the radiator cap

Radiator cap tester

90890-01325, YU-24460-01 Radiator cap tester adapter 90890-01352, YU-33984

b. Apply the specified pressure for ten seconds and make sure there is no drop in pressure.

4. Check: • radiator fan Damage ^ Replace. Malfunction ^ Check and repair. Refer to "COOLING SYSTEM" in chapter 8.


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