Crankshaft position sensor resistance

248 - 372 Q at 200C (68°F) (between gray and black)

4. Is the crankshaft position sensor OK?

Fault code No.

Symptom Intake air pressure sensor - open or short circuit detected.

Used diagnostic code No. 03 (intake air pressure sensor)


Inspection operation item and probable cause

Operation item and countermeasure

Reinstatement method

Connected condition of connector Inspect the coupler for any pins that may have pulled out. Check the locking condition of the coupler.

When installing or removing the connector, main switch turn to "OFF".

If there is a malfunction, repair it and connect it securely.

Intake air pressure sensor coupler Main wiring harness ECU coupler Sub-wire harness coupler

Open or short circuit in wiring harness and/or sub lead.

Repair or replace if there is an open or short circuit.

Between sensor coupler and ECU coupler Black/Blue - Black/Blue Pink/White - Pink/White Blue - Blue

Defective intake air pressure sensor

Tester positive probe ^ pink/white ® Tester negative probe ^ black/blue (2)

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