The ECU is equipped with a self-diagnostic function in order to ensure that the engine control system is operating normally. If this function detects a malfunction in the system, it immediately operates the engine under substitute characteristics and illuminates the engine trouble warning light to alert the rider that a malfunction has occurred in the system. Once a malfunction has been detected, a fault code is stored in the memory of the ECU.

• To inform the rider that the fuel injection system is not functioning, the engine trouble warning light flashes when the start switch is being pushed to start the engine.

• If a malfunction is detected in the system by the self-diagnostic function, this mode provides an appropriate substitute characteristic operation, and alerts the rider of the detected malfunction by illuminating an engine trouble warning light.

• After the engine has been stopped, the lowest fault code number appears on the LCD meter. Once a fault code has been displayed, it remains stored in the memory of the ECU until it is deleted.

Engine trouble warning light indication and FI system operating condition eas00899


Warning light indication

ECU's operation

FI operation

Vehicle operation


Warning provided when unable to start engine

Operation stopped


Remains ON

Malfunction detected

Operated with substitute characteristics in accordance with the description of the malfunction

Able/Unable depending on the self-diagnostic fault code

* The warning light flashes when any one of the conditions listed below is present and the start switch is pushed.

12: Crankshaft position sensor 41: Lean angle cut-off switch

(open or short circuit)

19: Sidestand switch 50: ECU internal malfunction

(open circuit in wire to ECU) (memory check error)

30: Lean angle cut-off switch

(latch up detected)


Checking for a defective engine trouble warning light bulb

The engine trouble warning light comes on for 1.4 seconds after the main switch has been turned "ON" and when the start switch is being pushed. If the warning light does not come on under these conditions, the warning light bulb may be defective.

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