Installing The Transmission

1. Install:

• main axle assembly (2) (with the Torx® wrench T30)

Make sure to caulk the bolts at three positions after installing the bearing housing.

2. Install:

• shift fork guide bar

• The embossed marks on the shift forks should face towards the right side of the engine and be in the following sequence: "R", "C", "L".

• Carefully position the shift forks so that they are installed correctly into the transmission gears.

• Install shift fork "C" into the groove in the 3rd and 4th pinion gear on the main axle.

3. Install:

• shift fork "R" ® and "L" <

• shift fork guide bar

• shift drum retainer


• Install shift fork "L" into the groove in the 6th wheel gear and shift fork "R" into the groove in the 5th wheel gear on the drive axle.

• Make sure that the drive axle bearing circlip ® is inserted into the grooves in the upper crank-case.

4. Check: • transmission Rough movement ^ Repair.


Oil each gear, shaft, and bearing thoroughly.

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