• Be careful not to spill any brake fluid or allow the brake fluid reservoir to overflow.

• When bleeding the hydraulic brake system, make sure there is always enough brake fluid before applying the brake. Ignoring this precaution could allow air to enter the hydraulic brake system, considerably lengthening the bleeding procedure.

• If bleeding is difficult, it may be necessary to let the brake fluid settle for a few hours. Repeat the bleeding procedure when the tiny bubbles in the hose have disappeared.

1. Bleed: • hydraulic brake system a. Fill the brake fluid reservoir to the proper level with the recommended brake fluid.

b. Install the brake fluid reservoir diaphragm.

c. Connect a clear plastic hose ® tightly to the bleed screw (2.

A Front

B Rear d. Place the other end of the hose into a container.

e. Slowly apply the brake several times.

f. Fully pull the brake lever or fully press down the brake pedal and hold it in position.

g. Loosen the bleed screw.

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