Set the 4-pin coupler in the connector cover after wiring it.

To the sidestand switch. To the speed sensor. To the A.C. magneto. To the oil level gauge. To the rear brake/light switch. To the neutral switch.

Push the wire harness in the groove of the mud guard.

Point the opening section of the clamp upward. To the rear turn signal (right) To the rear turn signal (left)

[S To the license plate light. [T To the tail/brake light.

[U Insert the enwinding clamp of the wire harness into the hole of the rear frame. W Attach the rectifier regulator lead to the clamp of the rectifier bracket. W To the engine ground. [X To the fuel injection. [Y To the fuel pump.

[Z Route the clutch cable under the fuel injection lead. AA Pass the clutch cables through the clamp, and then install the clamp to the cover. Position of the

_clamp is forward of the cable stopper.

IAB I To the main switch.

AC Route the starter relay lead outside of the main switch.

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