The ignition system fails to operate (no spark or intermittent spark).


1. main and ignition fuses

2. battery

3. spark plugs

4. ignition spark gap

5. spark plug cap resistance

6. ignition coil resistance

7. crankshaft position sensor

8. main switch

9. engine stop switch

10. neutral switch

11. sidestand switch

12. clutch switch

13. starting circuit cut-off relay (diode)

14. lean angle cut-off switch

15. wiring connections

(of the entire ignition system)

• Before troubleshooting, remove the following part(s):

1. seat

2. fuel tank

3. side cowlings

• Troubleshoot with the following special tool(s).

Dynamic spark tester

YM-34487 Ignition checker 90890-06754 Pocket tester

90890-03112, YU-3112

1. Main and ignition fuses

Check the main and ignition fuses for continuity.

Refer to "CHECKING THE FUSES" in chapter 3.

•Are the main and ignition fuses OK?

2. Battery

• Check the condition of the battery. Refer to "CHECKING AND CHARGING THE BATTERY" in chapter 3.

Minimum open-circuit voltage 12.8 V or more at 20°C (68° F)

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