Be sure to bleed the front fork leg of any residual air.

14. Measure: • front fork leg oil level ® Out of specification ^ Correct.

Front fork leg oil level (from the top of the inner tube, with the inner tube fully compressed, and without the spring)

15. Install:

a. Remove the rod puller and rod puller attachment.

b. Install the damper adjusting rod locknut ® and position it as specified ®.

Damper adjusting rod nut position (from the top of the rod to the top of the nut) ® 11 mm (0.43 in)

c. Set the cap bolt distance ® to specification.

Distance (b)

d. Install the damper adjusting rod, fork spring, washer (lower), spacer and washer (upper).

Install the fork spring with the smaller pinch @ facing up.

® Larger pitch e. Install the cap bolt and finger tighten it.

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