Fuel Petcock

1 First, drain out the fuel tank and remove the fuel pipe

2 Loosen the fuel cock securing bolts and remove the fuel cock assembly from fuel tank.

3 Clean the attached filter with solvent Examine the filter and replace if damaged

4 Inspect the gasket, replace if damaged and install the outlet fitting

Front Brake and Wheel Front Brake Adjustment

The front brake should be adjusted to suit rider preference within a 5 ~ 8 mm (0 2 ~ 0 3 in) free play at the lever pivot side Adjustment is accomplished at one of two places, either the handlebar lever holder or the front brake hub

1 Loosen the lock nut

2. Turn the cable length adjuster in or out until adjustment is suitable

3 Tighten the lock nut.

4 If proper adjustment can not be obtained at the handlebar lever holder, make a brake hub adjustment

1 AdiuMi a 5—8 mm 10 2 — 0 3 7 lock nut
1 Adfuttc* 2 Lock nut

Spoke Adjustment and Torque a Raise the wheel off the ground Spin wheel

Check nm run out as shown in illustration.

Rim runout limits

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